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Expert FS 7974 - very fast charging

Foton Product ID:272
Foton Part Number:FS 7974
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Appearance details
Colour  silver 
Height  35 mm 
Lenght  132 mm 
Material  ABS 
Weight  100 g 
Width  65 mm 
size  R3(AAA); R6(AA) 
type  Ni-Mh 
channels  separated channel for every slot 
posible configurations  1...AA / 1...2AAA 
slots  6, (4 for R6 and 2 for R3) 
speed  very fast: 90 minutes - 2xR6 (AA) 2500 mAH 
Batteries  4 x R6(AA) SANYO Ni-MH 2500mAh rechargeable batteries 
Other accessories  USB cable, car-lighter adaptor 
Power supply
220 V network adapter / USB socket / car-lighter socket 
Special function
detecting charging end  - ΔV 
notifications  LCD - charging / wrong cell / end of charging 
protections  wrong polarity / overheating / short circuit / wrong cell 
trickle charging  when the cells are charged, charging process continues at a low value ( the rechargeable batteries will not discharge when left in the charger )