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Primary batteries; they generate energy in a process of irreversible chemical reactions. They are not rechargeable.


For NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries.

 Flash Lights

The most widely used source of independent light, providing a great variety of models.

 Rechargeable Batteries

Secondary batteries; the chemical reactions that produce their energy are reversible. When the terminals receive current, the reactions inside are inverted and the battery is being recharged.


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Sport LED 3W (FS-H002)

Start 100 Ah

Start 35 Ah

Start 45 Ah

Start 55 Ah

Start 62 Ah

Start 74 Ah

Start 80 Ah

Start HD 143Ah

Start HD 160Ah

Start HD 180 Ah

Start HD 195 Ah
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